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4-in-1 Overload
4-in-1 Overload from Greenwich  Enjoy 4 of our best-selling flavours in 1 with the New ..
All Beef Overload
All Beef Overload from Greenwich  Flavorful beef chunks, mushrooms and mozzarella chees..
All-Meat Crispy Thins
All-Meat Crispy Thins from Greenwich  Loaded with a combination of 5 types of premium m..
All-Meat Overload
All-Meat Overload from Greenwich  Has seven kinds of meats and cheeses - Italian sausag..
Bacon Crispy Thins
Bacon Crispy Thins from Greenwich  Topped with BACON, ham, mushrooms, mozzarella and cr..
Barkada Bucket
Barkada Bucket from Greenwich  8 pcs of Jumbo Crunchy Chicken. Shipping: Only Metro ..
Big Barkada Feast A
Big Barkada Feast A from Greenwich  (1) Barkada Hawaiian Overload Thick (2) Snack Size..
Big Barkada Feast B
Big Barkada Feast B from Greenwich  (1) Hawaiian Overload Crispy Thins. (1) Double Pep..
Big Barkada Feast C
Big Barkada Feast C from Greenwich  Choice of 1 Pizza: 15" Ultimate Overload or 15" Ha..
Extreme Cheese Overload
Extreme Cheese Overload from Greenwich  Freshly baked pizza dough made with sweet, tang..
Extreme Cheese Overload Crispy Thins
Extreme Cheese Overload Crispy Thins from Greenwich  Freshly baked pizza dough made wit..
Hawaiian Overload Crispy Thins
Hawaiian Overload Crispy Thins from Greenwich  Our best-selling Hawaiian Overload now a..
Holideal from Greenwich  Get an overload pizza, pasta and wings good for 6pax for only...
Overloaded Feast for 3
Overloaded Feast for 3 from Greenwich  1 9" Double Hawaiian Overload 1 Spaghetti Supre..
Overloaded Supreme Meal 1
Overloaded Supreme Meal 1​ from Greenwich  2pcs Wacky Wings, Lasagna Supreme, Solo Hawa..
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